Double Dragon IV jumpkicking onto Nintendo Switch


No sign of Alyssa Milano

Double Dragon, despite its very clunky control system, will forever remain etched in the halls of fame as one of the arcade’s most historical brawler. It has seen two recent resurrections in the form of the updated Double Dragon Neon and the more traditional Double Dragon IV.

Nintendo Switch owners, eager to get Lee brothers Billy and Jimmy back on the streets to dish out fist-assisted justice, will get the opportunity this September as Double Dragon IV launches on the Switch.

The ArcSys-created nostalgia trip, which featured original Double Dragon staff members Koji Ogata and Yamane Kazuo, will be available for a spritely $7 and, of course, features two player VS and co-op action. So get out there with your best buddy and crack some skulls.

Double Dragon IV is available for Nintendo Switch, via eShop, September 7th.