Dragon Ball FighterZ is hitting Switch in the west in September with a Super Butoden pre-order bonus


Same day, same tree

It’s always a downer to hear a release date of a major game or port and get that “in Japan” modifier. That’s what happened with theDragon Ball FighterZ Switch port, as we found out it would be launching in that region in September at E3 of all places.

Thankfully after some simmering time, Bandai Namco has confirmed that the western launch date will be relatively the same — September 28 in the US, and September 29 in the UK. This time it’ll sport a Super Butoden pre-order bonus (the 1993 SNES game), as well as SSGSS Goku & Vegeta.

Can’t wait to see how it runs! FighterZlooks a whole lot better, butBlazBlue: Cross Tag Battleis mostly the same, so unless they screw this up it should be part and parcel with the other versions.