Dtoid at PAX Prime 2015: Tips, attendance roster, and avatar adoption!


Spend the weekend with fellow Dtoiders!

[Get ready for PAX Prime! Captain Merica has some advice and community resources to share so you can meet fellow Dtoiders this weekend! – Pixie The Fairy]

PAX Prime is a couple days away.

Every year, Dtoiders from all over make the trip to Seattle, WA to hang out with fellow community members and get a chance to go hands with upcoming video game releases. This year’s convention goes down this coming weekend (August 28 through August 31). Hopefully, you were able to get passes, as they have been increasingly difficult to achieve in the last couple of years.

Below is a list of all the Dtoid regional groups. If you’re planning to be at PAX, let us know in the comments and I’ll add your name to the list!And while you’re at it, be sure to join this year’s Google Group to stay up-to-date on all Dtoid community happenings. The best way to communicate with fellow Dtoiders is to join the Facebook Messenger group that has been created. Just send a message on here to myself with your Facebook link and I will add you to the group. Hope to see you all there!

Here’s some advice if this is your first time going to PAX:

First off, you need comfortable shoes. You will either be walking or standing for most of the day for 3-4 days. If you have a terrible pair of shoes, then this will make life miserable for you.

Second, have a short list of things you want to see. The show floor is huge and can get overwhelming, so having an idea of a few games you want to see will help with budgeting time. I would recommend picking one AAA title you want to see each day and going there as soon as the doors open in the morning. This way you cut down the wait times as some games can have lines that take over two hours. By saving all this time you can check out awesome stuff like the Indie Megabooth where you can typically walk right up and play a game and speak with the game’s developers.

Finally, just explore and have fun! There are a ton of big-budget AAA titles but there will also be a large amount of indie games to check out. You might just discover a hidden gem or a new genre you never thought to check out before. If you want some more advice, Dtoid’s own Mr. Andy Dixon did a write up on how to survive PAX. It is well worth a read.

Dtoid Austin

Dtoid Australia

Dtoid Baltimore/DC

Dtoid Boise

Dtoid Chicago

Dtoid DenverBrett MakedonskiKyle MacGregor

Dtoid Europe

Dtoid Los AngelesZack Furniss

Dtoid MidwestCaptain ‘MericaAlissa McAlooncrackity jonesDtoid New England

Dtoid New York

Dtoid North Carolina

Dtoid Orlando

Dtoid Pennsylvania

Dtoid Phoenix

Dtoid PortlandJordan Devore

Dtoid San FranciscoSteven HansenMuddBstrd

Dtoid SeattleDyganth

Dtoid Southeast

Dtoid Toronto

Dtoid UK

Dtoid Utahsmurfee mcgee

Dtoid Vancouver, BC


Again, if you’re planning on attending, please tell me in the comments and I’ll add your name to the list! Please be sure to include your region as well. If there isn’t already a region established for you, why not start a Dtoid regional group of your very own? Contact Conor Elsea and he’ll hook you up with all you’ll need to know to get started!

Also, be sure to join our PAX Prime 2015 Google Group, join the Destructoid Facebook Group, get added to the Messenger thread, and check out our PAX Prime forum thread for additional info on group meetups, finding a roommate, travel arrangements, signing up to wear the Mr. Destructoid helmet, and more!

Not able to go? Why not have your avatar adopted by another community member? It’s a lot of fun.Here is the avatar adoption blog from last year. If you can’t go this year then just post in the comments that you want your avatar adopted. Hoping to see you or your avatar this weekend at PAX!