Dungeon Masters Guild lets you self-publish your D&D material


Get to writing, folks

Wizards of the Coast has just implemented the new Dungeon Master’s Guild website, where you can self-publish adventures, character classes, monsters, and whatever else you can dream up. When placing your content on the website, you can either decide to allow people to pay what they want (including the grand ol’ price of free) or set a price. The only current stipulation is that it has to be content for the Forgotten Realms setting in fifth edition, which I imagine will change whenever the D&Dteam officially moves on to the their next plans.

I just downloaded Matthew Mercer’s (of Critical Role and voice acting fame) Gunslinger and Blood Hunter classes for free, so I dig the service so far.It’s been some time since I covered anything related toDungeons & Dragonsbecause I am bad and haven’t played with my group in a few months. I’ve barely cracked open mySword Coast Adventurer’s Guide, and that makes me sad. Hopefully, with the new year, I’ll get back into it.

Dungeon Masters Guild Now Open[Dungeons & Dragons]