Dynamic difficulty tuning is coming to Killing Floor 2


Not everyone is happy about that

Killing Floor has a fairly hardcore following: these folks build wikis to know every single damage value in the game, and pore over enemy animations so they can know the best way to take them down. The Hell On Earth difficulty is where they test this knowledge, and I’ve gotten my ass kicked many times alongside other dedicated players.

With Killing Floor 2, Tripwire Interactive recently announced that a new mechanic called the Game Conductor will be able “to increase or drawback the intensity of the wave within some limits” based on player performance. The thought process behind this new system“is to find a sweet spot where the players feel challenged but not over or underwhelmed.” Not everyone is happy with this idea, as they enjoy the rigidity of the current difficulty, and feel that if you’re getting wiped, you need to get better. As for myself, I’m tentatively interested; even if this only changes the composition of enemies in each wave, that might help the game from becoming stagnant.

The first pass of the Game Conductor should be coming in a quality of life patch coming this week or next, and there’s full list of changes here. Also of note is that the demolitionist perk is being looked at to provide “options for better crowd destruction or to specialize as a larger zed exploding machine who may want to conserve ammo,” and that Sharpshooter’s Lever Action Rifle and Crossbow are in the rendering process now. Can’t wait to see that sweet LAR in action.

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