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Dyscourse free update 'Indie Island' out now

Formerly known as ‘Indie Plane Crash’

During Dyscourse‘s Kickstarter campaign, the team at Owlchemy came up with a cool idea: take the basic idea of a bunch of weirdos stuck on a desert island and use indie game developers instead. They are probably still weirdos. It was then dubbed “Indie Plane Crash;” now it is called “Indie Island.”

The free add-on is available now to both Kickstarter backers and latecomers alike. Players take on the role of Emily Park, an unknown game developer on her way to the Game Developers Gathering. She and ten better-known indie developers are on a plane and it crashes. What bad luck.

The bonus story featuresTim Schafer (Psychonauts), Edmund McMillen (Super Meat Boy), Phil Tibitoski (Octodad), Alexander Bruce (Antichamber), Ron Carmel (World of Goo), Robin Hunicke (Journey), Ichiro Lambe (AaAaAA!), Adam Saltsman (Canabalt), Will Stallwood (Auditorium), and Rami Ismail (Ridiculous Fishing).

Tocommemoratethe release of the add-on (and coinciding with some little Steam event), Dyscourse is also on sale for just under ten bucks.

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