E3 side event 'E3 Live' will be open to the public


But you need tickets!

While folks general look in from afar on E3 while Twitch and various other members of the gaming press attend, the ESA is holding a public-facing event for the very first time this year. It’s called “E3 Live,” and it will host game demos (including VR), as well as the typical festivities involved in such asoiree, like music and meet and greets.

Note that it’ll run from June 14 (at 5PM PT) until June 16, and you need tickets (register here if you’re interested), so don’t roll up and give your best “do you know who I am?” speech to the bodyguards. It’s interesting that the ESA would announce something like this so late, possibly as a response to the publishers have have decreased their on-site presence. Hopefully it’s worth attending!

E3 Live [E3]