EA is asking about an EA Access-style service for PC, with other publishers involved


Bethesda, Ubisoft, and more to join in?

It looks like EA might be looking to expand EA Access (its subscription service on Xbox One that gives access to a whole host of EA games) to PC, and to include other publishers, if a survey sent out by market research company Chadwick Martin Bailey is to be believed.

PCGamesN has reported about the survey, which asks participants about an “all-you-can-play video game subscription service on your PC”, and what sort of plan they would be most likely to pay for. The publishers involved in this hypothetical service include Bethesda, Take-Two, Ubisoft, Activision, and of course EA.

The survey then continues with a tidal wave of different plans, each with a different combination of how soon after launch a game is added, how many games are available each month, which publishers are involved, monthly costs, and a whole load of other factors.

The survey is huge and repetitive, so it’s the description at the beginning which is the most interesting thing (you can see the whole survey in this Imgur albumif you’re curious what eight identical slides looks like). You can see the survey’s description in the gallery below.

Is EA planning on bringing EA Access to PC, and is it going to let other publishers join? Is it even still going to be called EA Access once it’s officially announced?

I think the selection of games listed shows this project is a bit further along than EA is letting on. Most are either frequently discounted, or aren’t the newest versions in their respective IPs (Borderlands is missing The Pre-Sequel, and Call of Duty is missing anything beyond Black Ops II, for example.)

It sounds like a realistic and informed planned list of games, rather than the best case scenario EA would obviously be hoping for, so if we do hear anything, I think it’ll be soon.

We’ve asked EA for a comment, and will update should we get one.

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