EA is sorry for Battlefield 4, but it has another paid DLC to deliver to you


‘Dragon’s Teeth’

Just recently we got our apology for the broken mess of a game DICE called Battlefield 4. According to EA CEO Andrew Wilson, because the game was too large, the failure at launch was “unacceptable.” Of course, this is months later after the game was bought and paid for by fans.

Now you can buy even more Battlefield 4before it’s fixed in the form of the Dragon’s TeethDLC, which will come with four maps set in Asian cities, as well as five weapons, a new vehicle, and a Chain Link game mode, where you link captured points together.

If you ask me, the actual apology should be offering every Battlefield 4owner free DLC. There’s still one more add-on left before Battlefield 4is complete.

Dragon’s Teeth [Battlefield]