EA surpassed its lofty goals for Star Wars Battlefront


To the tune of 14 million shipped

Last October, Electronic Arts COO Peter Moore told investors that the publisher was altering its expectations for Star Wars Battlefrontsales numbers. With the anticipation of a new feature film and a successful beta under its belt, Battlefrontprojections shifted from 10 million units shipped to 13 million.

It seemed an awfully lofty goal at the time, even with all the variables working in its favor. As it turns out, it actually wasn’t lofty enough. EA’s end of quarter four and fiscal year report took place today and the publisher says that it shipped 14 million copies of Battlefront.

All in all, EA seems to have had a very solid year with Battlefront being just one of many bright spots. Other highlights include the EA Sports player base going up by 65 percent year-over-year, 9.4 million Battlefieldplayers during the last quarter, EA Sports Ultimate Team sales increasing 26 percent over fiscal year 2015, and that it repurchased $1 billion of its own shares back.

More broadly, EA says that it posted fiscal year records in several areas including non-GAAP net revenue ($4.566 billion), non-GAAP gross margin (71.4%), non-GAAP operating margin (28.5%), non-GAAP diluted earnings per share ($3.14), and operating cash flow ($1.223 billion). These statistics along with other figures led EA to be comfortable telling investors that it was the number one console publisher in the western world for the fiscal year.

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