Ears bored? Check out these awesome Dtoid community podcasts!


Literally billions of hours of listening pleasure

The Destructoid community is a wonderful, diverse bunch, and boy do you people ever put out some awesome content. Whether you’re writing thoughtful Cblogs, having engaging discussions in our Forums, or just hanging out in the front page comments, you all contribute so much to this place, and we literally would not be here without each and every one of you!

One facet of the community that goes sadly under-represented is the amazing work put out by ourcommunity podcasters. With this post, I’m hoping to change that! Below are just a few of our community’s best and brightest podcast teams, and I want to add to it! For info on how you can get your own podcast listed, check out the bottom of the post.

I’d also like to thank Nanashi for his ongoing hard work putting together a monthly recap of all the great community podcasts in our Cblogs. Keep up the great work!

The Cblog Fapcast

Community hosts: Mike Martin, StriderHoang, and a rotating cast of Cblog Recaps badasses

Recapping and highlighting Destructoid’s best and worst community blogs while also being a videogame podcast! During our first segment, we go through our -ISMS and -GASMS, giving an update on what we’ve been playing, watching, or doing in general. During our second segment, we dive into the community, discussing Cblogs, community news, and the community question of the week!

The Dead Pixels Podcast

Community hosts: Preposterous Whitey

In each episode of The Dead Pixels Podcast, community member Preposterous Whitey investigates a retro game of questionable quality and tries to find the good buried beneath layers of poor design.

The Error Machine Podcast

Community hosts: TheDustinThomas

The Error Machine Podcast is hosted by Dtoider TheDustinThomas, along with his two best friends from high school: Luke Roberts and Chris Cramer. While videogame-centric, the show occasionally delves into topics like movies, pro wrestling, and Simpsons jokes no one under 20 years old understands. In addition to talking about what they’re playing and new releases, each week they choose a topic to discuss in depth based on recent gaming news.


Community hosts:CornflakeJustice, djnealb, KymikoLoco, Nanashi, Scield, and Trev

PStoid (pronounced Playstation-toid) is the first and only Playstation focused podcast that crawled out of the Destructoid community! Started by Nanashi, join him with the rest of the cast as they talk about all things PlayStation, Destructoid, and gaming, and hopefully don’t get lost in tangents a whole lot along the way… spoiler, they do. All the time. And although it ‘s a fairly new podcast, PStoid comes to the community for guest hosts, questions and discussion topics. So to be on an episode, PM us and we can get the ball rolling.

Secret Moon Base

Community hosts: Corduroy Turtle, knutaf, Mr Andy Dixon, and Occams electric toothbrush

Secret Moon Base started way back in January of 2012 right here on Destructoid and features Corduroy Turtle, knutaf, Occam’s electric toothbrush and Mr. Andy Dixon, as well as special guest appearances by a bunch of your favorite Dtoiders! We chat about games (obviously), tackle various game-related topics, answer listener questions and often find ourselves cracking up as we veer off on some seriously dark tangents. Check us out and join the dozen or so unfortunate listeners who descended into the pit of madness and now fear they may never escape.

Scary Granules

Community hosts: Glowbear and Panzadolphin56

Scary Granules is a podcast about videogames, movies and generally all things horror, not to mention a frightening journey deep into the twisted psyches of two people who frankly should have been certified by now.If you like an hour and a half of nonsense poured into your ears then you’ve come to the right place!


These are the podcast teams who responded to my call to action a few weeks ago. If you host a community podcast you want to see listed in the next update of this post, just email me a 620×250 banner and a short blurb about your podcast and I’ll add you to the list!