'Easier to publish on Wii U than on Steam' says dev


Another indie dev not a fan of Greenlight

Joel Nyström, CEO ofLudosity, the team making the upcoming Zelda-like Ittle Dew, recentlyspoke with NintendoWorldReport as part of their “eShop Interview Extravaganza” and made an interesting comment about indie game publishing:

“It’s actually easier to publish on Wii U than on Steam… The thing about Greenlight it that you just don’t know, there aren’t any clear answers and they seem to be changing their policy, and their CEO is saying one thing and they are acting in another way.I think a lot of developers are anxious about Greenlight, right now.

Mr.Nyström recently spoke out against the Wii U’s interface, calling it a “disappointment” with “too many unnecessary steps.” Despite that, the publishing side of things seems to be more straightforward, or at least more straightforward than the convoluted Greenlight system. I don’t know the permanent fix for Steam Greenlight, but I do know that they need to be way more transparent than they already are.

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