Eastfound looks to scratch that retro Zelda itch


Inspired by Zelda and Alundra

A lot of indie games seem to fly under the radar due to either a lack of marketing budget or being relatively early in development. Eastfound is one such game, but one of the developers behind it shot us an e-mail. Elias Viglione, founder of Panic Art Studios (the devs behind Hero Siege), sent along a Tweet that was gaining a bit of traction. It showed off a few screens of the very much work-in-progress title that highlighted the different types of environments that Eastfound will feature.

Various locations from our upcoming game Eastfound! A zelda/alundra inspired action adventure game with an epic original story line, puzzles, bosses, traps, platforming and battles + a varied arsenal of weapons and spells! Made with #gamemaker #gamedev #pixelart #zelda #indiegame pic.twitter.com/zMigItNe9r

— Elias Viglione (@eliaspixel) April 30, 2018

As you can see from the Tweet, the game is heavily inspired by Zelda and Alundra (a PS1 exclusive title). It also features some very nice pixel art and is being made entirely with GameMaker: Studio. While there are a ton of screenshots floating around the net, I did happen to uncover an early trailer that promises the game will be coming to PC and PS4. I’m not sure how likely the 2018 release date will be, but even if it does miss that date, Eastfound looks like a title worth keeping an eye on.

Elias Viglione [Twitter]