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eBay is trying, and failing, to beat out SNES Mini scalpers

‘Within 30 days from the purchase date’

Did you know eBay has an anti-scalper policy? Probably not, because it can’t really enforce it given how tenacious scalpers are.

The SNES Mini has been up for pre-order in the UK, and it instantly sold out. Naturally desperate folks are turning to eBay, but their marked-up prospects haven’t been good with the site removing listings when they can. As per official policy they’ll remove items that “are not for sale within 30 days” (which is September 29 for the SNES Mini), but they’re getting re-listed instantly. Plus, this whole policy is just strange because when that limitation is over, it’s scalp-city again.

Of course eBay could implement a script that detects a SKU and automatically flags a posting for removal, but people can probably get around that by listing it as “SNES micro” or something.

SNES Mini [Ebay via Eurogamer]

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