Eirika joins Fire Emblem Heroes on Halloween


Graceful Resolve arrives this week

Nintendo has released a new trailer for their mobile battle title Fire Emblem Heroes. The short video showcases a new Legendary Hero – Eirika, who joins the game’s mammoth roster on October 31.

Erika, known as the “Graceful Resolve”, is the protagonist of the 2004 Game Boy Advance title Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. The Princess of Renais, Eirika is typified by her expert swordsmanship, bravery, and kindhearted nature.

The Legendary Banner period to scoop Eirika up begins October 31 at 00:00 PT and ends on November 6 at 23:00 PT, so be quick if you want to lock down this classic hero in your own roster. Fire Emblem Heroes is available now on iOS and Android devices.