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Here's the best way to fill in the map in Elden Ring

Look for the markers

It’s launch day in some regions for Elden Ring, so we figured it was time for some broad non-spoilery tips to help people out. One of them includes a really useful way to light up the Elden Ring map.

By default, the entire map is protected by a fog of war, which obfuscates points of interest. While you need to actually go to a location to get the checkpoint/fast travel point, you can see clearly on the map, via illustrations, that an area might have something there. To get this info you need the map to be filled in. To do that, you’ll have to go to pronounced stones and collect the area map. There’s a trick to finding them!

Once you kinda-sorta get near one of those map locations, you’ll see a faint marker on the screen that looks like a standing stone.

How to find more locations and open up the Elden Ring map:

How to fill in the Elden Ring map

It looks exactly like the monument above, highlighted on the map.

Once you see it, just set a checkpoint for it, similar to Zelda: Breath of the Wild or Genshin Impact. It’ll show up as a bright light on your screen when running around, which should make it easy to navigate to it.

When you reach your destination, just pick up the map and the area will be filled in!

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