Embracer Group picks up eight independent studios in acquisition blitz


Fully Embraced

Holding company Embracer Group, (like putting a hat on a hat), has announced that it is in the process of acquiring eight independent studios, to be added to the company’s already impressive portfolio of subsidiaries. The acquisition blitz will see Embracer open its wallet to the tune of around $313 million USD, with a further payout of $232 million should the newcomers hit specific milestones over the next eight years.

“I am excited to welcome more than 500 great talents across a wide range of well-established businesses that further diversify and strengthen the group across the world from day one,” said Embracer CEO Lars Wingefors in an official statement. “We continue to have many ongoing discussions with entrepreneurs, creators, and companies to join the family, including large or transformative companies that would create new operating groups. I’m looking forward to continuing growing the Embracer Group both organically and in-organically the decades to come.”

Among the developers calling Embracer their new home are Israeli mobile publisher CrazyLabs, Danish studio Ghost Ship Games, Huntdown developer Easy Trigger, Amsterdam-based Force Field, Road 96 developer Digixart, Ghostrunner‘s Slipgate Ironworks, Viking gear studio Grimfrost, and finally the legendary 3D Realms — whose work on decades of bombastic shooters needs no introduction. Quite a shopping list, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Each newly acquired studio will see its trajectory plotted over the coming months and years. Easy Trigger is expected to continue its work with Coffee Stain Games on the great Huntdown IP, while Digixart will operate under the Koch Media banner. Force Field is expected to work with Vertigo Games on VR and AR titles, while Slipgate Ironworks will work alongside Saber Interactive. The purchase of CrazyLabs is described as the most “impactful” acquisition, given the studio’s portfolio of lucrative mobile IPs.