Endeavor is coming to the My Hero Academia game as DLC


His style involves huge-hitting moves with recoil

My Hero Academia is riding high right now. Not only is the 2014 manga still going strong, so is the anime adaptation: which is now in its third season and just recently hosted its first film, which even hit US theaters. Yep, the adventures of the meek Izuku Midoriya have an every man feel to it that folks have latched on to, and we still haven’t even gotten a taste of the localized version of the first console game (a follow-up to the 2016 3DS release).

My Hero One’s Justice arrives later this month in the west on August 23, with a host of playable heroes and baddies. One other addition was just recently revealed as none other than Endeavor, which will be the game’s first DLC character. His style involves “hug recoil” but as a result he dishes out a ton of raw damage.

As is tradition these days he’s a pre-order bonus that will also be available separately at launch. As a reminder Bandai Namco is going all-out with this western version, as it will hit the PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch on October 26.