English translation underway for Mega Man ZX Prequel


I’d like to see Inti Creates make another one

Mega Man games never stop. Capcom might, outside of collections and anniversary editions, but fans won’t. Earlier this year another fairly big project came to the surface called Mega Man ZX Prequel, a Chinese-developed fan game that took place before ZX and ZX Advent.

Now it’s getting a fan translation, and the project is already underway as of last week. It’ll arrive with a tuned version of the original game, so by the time it’s ready for the west it’ll be even better than it already is.

For those of you who didn’t know, Mega Man ZX is a short-lived series that only had two iterations on DS. It was billed as a sort of continuation of the much-loved portable Zero series, both developed by Inti Creates, who is still keeping the Mega Man legacy alive to this day with their own IP. If this fan game catches your fancy, it’s probably worth giving ZX and ZX Advent a shot.

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