Enigma Archives: Rain Code is a dark mystery from the minds behind Danganronpa


This protagonist’s life was probably pretty plain until he saw the dead bodies in the rain

I’d wager Spike Chunsoft was one of the five best publishers of the last decade with all the quality Japanese content it brought over to western audiences. Not only did it give us the wonderful Zero Escape franchise, but it localized smaller titles as well, like Conception and One Way Heroics. Of course, the franchise most of our readers probably associate with the publisher is Danganronpa. In 2017, the creators of that masterpiece left Spike Chunsoft to form Too Kyo Games, and after releasing two titles last year with IzanagiGames, the team is back with their old company for their next project called Enigma Archives: Rain Code. Not much is known about the game right now outside of what you can see in the Rain Code trailer below. Kazutaka Kodaka, who wrote the scenario for the Danganronpa series, is back on writing duties here, along with Rui Komatsuzaki as the lead designer and Masafumi Takada handling the soundtrack.

Dead bodies, kids in peril, dark humor; yep, everything in that trailer is pointing to a Kazutaka Kodaka game for sure. After the misstep that was World’s End Club, I hope the Too Kyo Games team can find a way to rebound and knock this one out of the park. The trailer has me intrigued; now I just need to make sure the gameplay isn’t going to infuriate me. Enigma Archives: Rain Code currently has no release date or announced platforms, but I suspect all of that will be cleared up once we get into 2022.