Enter the Gungeon proves it's never too late to let us pet dogs


The feel-good story of the week

You could get me to revisit just about any dusty old game in my collection if it got a new update that added dog-petting functionality. Real or virtual, I always want to be petting dogs, or at least thinking about them. When my mind starts to drift mid-paragraph, that’s where it goes: endless pups.

It helps when it’s an already good game that’s made just a touch better. Enter the Gungeon recently got its sendoff update, A Farewell to Arms, and aside from new characters, a fresh balance pass, and another boss, Dodge Roll Games has an extra special incentive to play the trigger-happy roguelike.

Before, you couldn’t pet the dog in Enter the Gungeon. Now you can. That’s cause for celebration.

New: Following an update, you can now pet the dog in Enter the Gungeon pic.twitter.com/kUOuF9ljL6

— Can You Pet the Dog? (@CanYouPetTheDog) April 5, 2019

Despite being an all-around hellhole, Twitter does still have its moments of pure goodness, even in 2019. The account Can You Pet the Dog? is one such ray of light. It’s a feed attempting to compile dogs throughout video game history and whether or not they can be given a wholesome head scratch.

If you already knew about Can You Pet the Dog?, sweet. You’re on top of things. If not, prepare for a bit of bliss. Novel, good-natured accounts like this remind me why I put up with Twitter.

Following the new Gungeon update, the Twitter account gave credit where credit’s due. “A few articles have attributed this development solely to me, which I believe is inaccurate — the game’s community, including the active r/EnterTheGungeon subreddit, are responsible for bringing this issue to light.”

A class act, through and through. No one should feel pressured to incorporate dogs and the ability to pet them in their games, but if you go to that effort to put a smile on our faces, we’ll always appreciate it.

[Image credit: nosNachos]