ESRB reveals why Batman: Arkham Knight was rated M


It…basically sounds the same as past Arkham games

Recently, we learned that the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knightwould be rated “M,” a first for the series. Because of this I kind of assumed that the new game would be doing something different, but based on this ESRB description, that may not be the case.

According to the ESRB, Arkham Knight features combat where enemies “cry out in pain,” with “slow-motion impacts,” “tank-like vehicles with machine gun turrets,” and “[vehicle] wheel torture.” Enemies are also shot off-screen, blood is a thing, one character is tortured on a bloody operating table, there are neon signs stating “XXX,” and curse words are used.

Yep, sounds like an Arkham game. Of course the rating may not be comprehensive, so we’ll find out later this year.

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