Even pro ball players can't live without their Vita!


The Pirates’ Andrew McCutchen loves it

It’s no surprise that many of us around these parts are enamored with the PS Vita. Our own Dale North might be one of the biggest advocates. But, it gets love from other people, too. Most recently, praise came from MLB All-Star Andrew McCutchen.

In an interview with Shacknews, the Pirates’ centerfielder named the Vita as the one piece of tech that he couldn’t live without. McCutchen elaborated “It’s something that I definitely have to have all the time, especially during the season. We have long road trips sometimes. That flight to LA is five hours, so you have to have something on you where you stay busy.”

See, these guys really aren’t all that different than us. I bet some of you play your Vita on planes! I guess most of you probably don’t have millions upon millions of dollars and thousands of people watching you do your day job, though. But, Vita!

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