EverQuest fans aren't too thrilled with Landmark


It launched on Steam today

Daybreak Game Company couldn’t make EverQuest Next work and formally canceled the MMORPG in March, but work has continued on Landmark. The online sandbox building game, at one time a precursor to Next, released today on Steam for $9.99. Disappointed EverQuest fans just aren’t having it.

“Many of us bought this game because it was a promise of something greater to come,” reads one Steam user review. “We funded this game because we wanted EQNext. They strung us along for 3 years with a carrot on a stick routine. Finally YEARS after promising this would be Free to play, they rerelease this mess for $9.99.”

“This game had so much promise, but I am here to warn others not to buy it,” says another. “Potential buyers need to know that it will be very difficult to find anywhere to build. (Out in the ocean, maybe?) For two years, they swore that anything purchased from the Marketplace would remains ours throughout numerous world wipes during [closed beta] – and then took everything away, replaced with worthless in-game currency that made replacing those items impossible.”

These frustrations are a common theme among recent user reviews, but there are a rare few positive ones. “I get that they are angry that EQ Next won’t happen, but Landmark in itself is a good game with very solid creation tools. If you are interested in building stuff definitely get this. Just keep in mind that what you build is static, rather than dynamic like in Space Engineers or Minecraft redstone.”

I’m surprised Landmark lasted long enough to work its way through early access and that it is, at least for the time being, not free-to-play. Here’s how it looks now:

Landmark [Steam]