Everybody's Gone to the Rapture dev plans to announce new game


A wholly independent project

Developer The Chinese Room’s (Dear Esther) last two projects were Everybody’s Gone to Rapture, published by Sony (possibly coming to PC soon), and Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, a follow up to The Dark Descent.

The next game from the developer, which we should hear about in “the next couple of weeks” is “not signed to a publisher,” allowing the studio to try out much more open development.

What’s the kind of stuff you want to know about how we make our games? Then we’ll do our best to make that as open as we can…

— The Chinese Room (@ChineseRoom) February 15, 2016

The other cool thing is that we own the IP – so if you want t-shirts, special editions, vinyl, graphic novel, actual novel etc – let us know

— The Chinese Room (@ChineseRoom) February 15, 2016

I found Rapture pretty middling, but it’s a divisive release, which is welcomed in this industry. The Brits love the thing, too. It even won the British Writers’ Guild’s award for best video game writing. The new game will happen without Chinese Room co-head, composer and director Jessica Curry, who left the company late last year.