Evo 2019 is back in Vegas next August


Once again at the Mandalay Bay in Vegas

No one doubted its return, but the popular fighting game championship Evo is coming back for more in 2019.

By way of a new trailer, the powers that be at Evo have confirmed August 2-4 dates in Las Vegas at the same location: the Mandalay Bay resort and casino. The clip itself is more of a confirmation than anything, as it mostly deals with events from the past and this very year’s Evo highlights. Dragon Ball FighterZis prominently featured as one might expect: given that it smashed streaming records in its inaugural Evo.

No lineup is confirmed, as that’s traditionally revealed sometime in January or February. Soulcalibur VIis pretty much a shoo-in as a new entry given its reach and popularity and Smash Ultimatewill probably take over Smash 4.Most of last year’s lineup is probably safe: though I wouldn’t be surprised if the waffling viewership of Injustice 2 (one of the lowest turnouts in Evo history in 2018)causes it to be pulled.