Evolve's new hunter isn't Zapdos like I thought


Not even close

When I heard that Electro Griffin is Evolve Stage 2‘s newest hunter, I immediately assumed it was Pokémon‘s Zapdos. A griffin is a mythical bird-thing and “electro” obviously means electricity. Neat! I’d take down a monster with Zapdos, maybe with Articuno and Moltres on my sides.

Nope. Wrong. So goddamn wrong.

As it turns out, Electro Griffin is a movie character who has abilities like “The Laser Storm” and “The Final Lockdown” — a bunch of electricity-themed weapons that don’t make him a legendaryPokémon. It’s all very ’80s too, and it’s not the first time we’ve seen that today.

Electro Griffin is seemingly available to those with founders status, and unlockable with silver keys for everyone else. Because Evolve Stage 2doesn’t have any form of monetization yet, you can’t just pony up some cash to play as him. You have to earn Electro Griffin, just like you had to earn Zapdos back in 1998.