Fall Guys adds cross-platform parties for PC and PlayStation


The party just got bigger

The obstacle course-royale Fall Guys is bringing its platforms much closer together. Today, Mediatonic launched a new update that will let PC and PlayStation players play Fall Guys in full cross-platform lobbies.

While cross-platform play was previously possible in Fall Guys with Custom Shows, this new update expands it out to all playlists. This means you can now team up across platforms to compete in the online playlists, ranging from Squads and Duos to the classic Main Show.

It works by linking your Epic account to the Fall Guys service. Once you’re hooked in, anyone on your PlayStation, Epic, or Steam friends list should show up. You can find more info on linking the accounts here.

Today’s update also comes with an update on the Xbox and Switch versions of Fall Guys. While it’s still in the works, Mediatonic says it is coming—just not with this update.

There’s also a new game type on the way, and this update adds a few fixes and patches too. Even after the summer of its breakout success, Fall Guys is still tumbling on with new content.

It’s a bummer the extra platforms are still seemingly a ways off. In the meantime, though, at least the player base won’t be so split across current platform lines. Cross-progression was already pretty handy, but full cross-platform Fall Guys parties are nice for those who don’t want to download a game twice or swap consoles around for a quick match with pals.

The full cross-platform update for Fall Guys goes live today.