Fallout 76 is adding backpacks into the mix, holding massive double XP event this weekend


‘Ever Upwards’

“Ever Upwards” is a fantastic name for this upcomingFallout 76 patch.

Despite the outcry, Bethesda is basically treating Fallout 76like an Early Access game in progress, trying to fix it with meaty free content drops. Now these were always part of the plan, and the microtransaction store still exists, but given how easily they could have given up on the whole thing, I’ll give them one small two-fingered clap. After all, I’d hate to see the wonderful world of West Virginia go to waste: one day, I really hope that the all-inclusive edition (which no one will call “GOTY,” as I’ve said in the past) is worth picking up.

Before that happens a double XP event will kick off today (it’s actually live right now), and it’ll work for both survival and adventure mode (remember, Bethesda split the game into to different modes, with the original game state as the latter and PVP as the former). It’ll end at 6AM ET on Monday, April 29.

So what does Ever Upwards entail? Well, it’s actually Patch 9 and it’s slated for a May 7 release. The Big Deal in this update is backpacks, which enhance your carrying capacity and come in many different styles (which you can view in the gallery below). It’s a good mix of fanservice (Nuka Cola in particular) and functionality (yes, I would wear a tire backpack in the cold distant hellish future).

if you want you can further enhance the backpack with mods for more capacity or armor plating, or even give it the ability to be a portable refrigerator. There is no visibility toggle so it will always be on unlessyou’re in Power Armor.

This is a perfect example of an update that fixes a major problem that will one day pave the road for Fallout 76to morph into a more acceptable Falloutgame.

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