Fan complaints seem to have changed Cammy's Street Fighter V look


More anime-looking

While everyone was flush with wanting to fuck bearded “Hot Ryu“/”Dad Ryu” — I wrote that as “breaded” originally, which made me also want to fuck him — Cammy’s retailer exclusive pre-order costume (above and still a bogus practice) was mostly ignored.

But as pointed out by Kotaku, she looks different in the face from when she was originally announced (below), and it’s not just the face paint.

Japanese site Hachima Kikou noted then that Japanese internet commenters responded badly to the original design, calling it “exceedingly ugly.” While her bust seems increased since Street Fighter IV, people weren’t digging her less anime-looking face, complaining that the British character’s face was designed to appeal to foreigners and not Japanese sensibilities.

Capcom seems to have taken that criticism to heart, given Cammy’s rounder eyes and softer, more anime-like features.

Pretty smart to sneak the change through masked by Breaded Ryu’s immacuately bronzed, chiseled facade and warm, tasty insides. Man I’m hungry (and thirsty).

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