Far Cry 5 will be roughly 25 hours minimum, could support a Battle Royale mode


Take down The Father

We’re nearly at zero hour with Far Cry 5, and the game’s executive producer Dan Hay is speaking up on a few key elements on the eve of its March 27 launch.

Speaking to GameSpot, Hay explains that players can generally expect to get through the core story in 25 hours (that’s long for a Far Crygame, which typically ranges in the 15-20 mark), but naturally, since there’s more open world stuff to do, you can extend that quite a bit.

He also addresses microtransactions, which he claims are similar to the latestAssassins’ Creedin that they can be ignored and function as cheat codes to get items faster — something we’ll definitely need to see in action.

But perhaps the most interesting bit of Hay’s talk though is the potential of the map editor, which he says could potentially incorporate battle royale modes as the userbase and the tools grow over time.Will everygame eventually try to add a battle royale mode? All signs point to yes in my industry Magic 8 Ball

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