Far Cry 5's new shovel gun is as ridiculous as it sounds


How many wolves must die?

Far Cry 5 has a bit of an obsession with shovels, and that fascination goes even further this week with the latest live event, White Collar Job. How many lives would you trade for a gun that launches shovels?

Turn in those white collars to Jess and claim this week’s exclusive rewards- including the brand new shovel launcher! Track your progress here: https://t.co/gM1x46LoNY pic.twitter.com/INoPbDyBsX

— Far Cry 5 (@FarCrygame) May 1, 2018

I hadn’t messed with any of these limited-time in-game events before, but the allure of a shovel gun was too much to resist dipping back into Far Cry 5. To take part, you just need to go into the map menu and flip over to the Online tab. From there, you’ll see a listing for the current live event.

To earn the weapon, you just have to kill 10 of Jacob’s Judges with arrows. Or, if you’ve completed the main story and don’t mind slaying a pack of normal, non-monstrous wolves, that works too.

Here’s one potential location in Jacob’s region:

Head here, toss some bait, and wait. A wolf will come running up and then you can do what must be done. Skin ’em for their “collar,” throw another hunk of meat, and do it again. It’s not a pretty sight.

Once you’ve collected 10 collars, you’ll see a little pop-up. Check the Online menu again to make sure your progress registered, then travel to any store. You’ll find the shovel launcher in the rightmost tab.

Was it worth it? Yes. Yes it was.