Far Cry Classic coming to US, launch date revealed


Arriving one day earlier than in EMEA territories

Ubisoft announcedFar Cry Classicquite a while ago, but things quickly went quiet — which is understandable, seeing as how most people were too focused on news coming out of E3 to really care too much. That changed once Ubisoft revealed around a month ago that Far Cry Classic would be launching in EMEA territories come February 12 — the absence of a US date had some questioning whether or not it would be making its way to the States.

That too has now changed, with Ubisoft today letting out that, yes, Far Cry Classicis coming to the US — on February 11, as a matter of fact. So there you have it. Far Cry Classicwill be available on both PSN and Xbox Live, and includes graphical enhancements along with a new user interface.

Who’s planning on picking this up?