Fate/Grand Order is ready to bring Fate/Extra CCC to the world


But is the world ready?

The material-hungry Masters of Fate/Grand Ordermay still be days away from finishing off the ongoing “Gudaguda Meiji Restoration” spring event,but the cruel intelligences at Aniplex have opted to announce none other than the nextevent coming to the game: a collaboration with Fate/Extra CCC, titled BB Strikes Back: Let’s Meet In the Digital Sea!.

Fate/Extra CCCis based on Fate/Extra, the 2010 JRPG that also serves as the setting for Fate/Extella, Extella Link, and theFate/Extra:Last Encoreanime series. Though characters fromExtraand CCC, such as Nero Claudius and Tamamo-no-Mae, have been present in Fate/Grand Order‘s roster since launch, BB Strikes Backis the first full FGO event based on the Extra setting. That’s interesting because CCCitself was never actually picked up for localization by anyone,not even XSEED, which released Fate/Extra, Extella, and Extella Link. The reason why not could have to do with the dire state of the PSP market in 2014, or even the dire state of Extra‘s developer Imageepoch, which declared bankruptcy in 2015. It could also be because CCC is completely bonkers, even by Fatestandards.

Starring a quartet of characters who all look uncannily similar to Fate/Stay Nightalum Sakura Matou, CCCis a surrealist fever-dream of a JRPG with themes focusing on love and sexuality, and all its associated psychodrama. It’s the sort of title that proves that even in this day and age, it’s entirely possible for a non-pornographic game to be Too Horny For Consumption. Such is its reputation that many FGO fans speculated the event would be skipped entirely in the English version. Luckily, they were wrong.

In any case, as of press time, there’s no explicit schedule for the event’s release, but Aniplex have already kicked off a pre-release promotion campaign, along with the teaser trailer below. Smart quartz is on it coming out in a week or two. With it will come several new servants, including two entirely new playable classes: The Alterego, represented by CCCcharacters Meltryliss, Passionlip and the infamous Sessyoin Kiara, and the MoonCancer, a class of one represented solely by the titular BB.

Masters who aren’t still busy farming out the remainder of the current event can prep for their first date with CCCby improving theirFate/Extra-related Servants, such as Nero Claudius, Hans Christian Andersen, Elizabeth Bathory, and Tamamo-no-Mae.