Final Fantasy VII Remake devs are getting help from the Kingdom Hearts team


The first part is basically done

A new issue of Famitsu has spilled the beans on a ton of new Final Fantasy VIIRemakedetails, and they’re pretty juicy. In addition to focusing more on Biggs, Wedge, and Jesse, Square notes that you’ll be able to fully explore Midgar, which should quell the fears of those of you who dread the “multi-part” format.

Square isn’t saying how many volumes are planned yet, nor are they sharing info on online features, but the “main scenario” for the first part is currently completed. Also, they’re getting help from the Kingdom Heartsteam, the voice cast is expected to be the same as Advent Children, and Cloud’s hallucinations will be more “meaningful” this time around.

All of that sounds pretty good if the “multi-part” format doesn’t take months or years to complete, and we aren’t gouged price-wise.

Final Fantasy VII [Hachima via Siliconera]