Final Fantasy VII Remake's Yuffie DLC will be two chapters long, confirmed


The mystery is coming together

SoFinal Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade instantly shot up on my 2021 radar.

Yeah, some parts of it are a bummer, like the PS5-specific requirement. And not everyone has one of those! Seeing as they’re basically unicorn pieces of hardware. But for those that do, we have more Final Fantasy VII Remaketo enjoy sooner than later (whenever Part 2 decides to actually come out).

To that end, folks are champing at the bit for more Yuffie DLC info, and we got it. As spotted on Game Watch (via Nibel), the Yuffice DLC bit will take place across two chapters. Yuffie will also be able to use “ninja-like” abilities outside of combat, and she will be accompanied by her companion, Sonon; who is a “warrior who studied under Yuffie’s father Godo.”

Both of the latter factoids were intimated in the trailer, but it’s nice to see it spelled out. The chapter part is especially useful, so we have our expectations in check when this actually launches later this year.For reference, the base game was roughly 18 chapters, though the length of those varied some.

FFVII Remake Intergrade [Game Watch via Nibel]