Final Fantasy VIII Remaster footage shows off the infamous ballroom scene


Dance the night away

With a release date confirmed and Squall’s updated face shown off, it was inevitable that Square Enix would reveal some gameplay footage for the upcoming Final Fantasy VIII Remaster. We’re only a few weeks out, after all, so progress has to be pretty far along. Thanks to 4Gamer, we now have a better idea of what this will look like in motion and um…it’s kind of mixed?

I understand this isn’t a full-on remake or anything, but the juxtaposition of updated character models with some seriously ugly backgrounds looks very jarring. Maybe that’s the best we could have reasonably expected in such a time frame (the remaster was only announced at E3 just two months ago), but I don’t know. This looks like an awkward mishmash of how I remembered the game and what it actually looked like 20 years ago.

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Gameplay Footage Shows The Ballroom Dance Scene And Battles [Siliconera]