Final Fantasy XIV brings the Moonfire Faire back this month


August 7 through August 26

Final Fantasy XIV is known for delivering incredible quarterly patches, packed with new content like dungeons, raids, and other goodies (the next one, 5.1, will usher in a NieR-themed 24-person raid). But between those big deliveries we also get some fun little events like the Moonfire Faire, which is returning to the world of Eorzea this month.

Starting today through August 26 at 8AM PT, you can join in on the festivities on the upper deck of Limsa Lominsa (11.5, 13.8), which involves low stakes daily quests and rewards like an above-ground pool, a cute summer cart, a poster, and a bunch of clothing items like Moogle and Namazu masks.

If you’re a new player just make sure you’re level 30, head to the above location and grab the quests. They’re fun little extra activities that will grant you free cosmetics and give you something to do on your quest to reach the new level cap of 80. Don’t rush it! Half of the fun of Final Fantasy XIVis smelling the roses on the way to the top.

Moonfire Faire 2019 [Lodestone]