Final Fantasy XIV: Daddy of Light headed to Netflix worldwide


I’m genuinely curious to watch this

Netflix has picked up the game-inspired Japanese drama Final Fantasy XIV: Daddy of Light, and somewhat surprisingly, it will see an international release. The hybrid live-action show tracks a father and son who bond through the titular MMORPG. Cheesy? Maybe. But the story has real-world roots.

Daddy of Light will air next month in Japan (starting April 16 on MBS, and April 20 on Netflix), while the overseas release on Netflix is scheduled for this fall, according to Polygon.

As of late, my go-to shows on Netflix have tended to be foreign-language series (mostly just rewatching Terrace House endlessly and catching the occasional ridiculous Korean drama). I’m no FFXIV player, but based on the premise, I am down for Daddy. Keep this stuff comin’!

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