Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.1 will be out on April 12, no joke


What a time to do a producer stream!

Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.1 is dated and dusted for April 12, which seems to be pretty final given that it’s less than two weeks away.

Titled “Newfound Adventure,” the very real patch 6.1 (look what this day does to people!) just got a new trailer, which showcases some of the stuff we detailed here: most notably the new main story questline (MSQ), as well as the Myths of the Realm 24-person alliance raid. Producer Naoki “Yoshi P” Yoshida stresses that this is not another crossover in terms of lore (not even with other Final Fantasy games), and is self-contained.

It’s a huge moment for the game, as Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.1 is long-awaited following the launch of the successful-by-any-metric Endwalker expansion. You have all sorts of player types hungry for new stuff to do, and understandably, the recent global situation hindered development a bit. But with a ton of content coming on April 12, both casual and hardcore oriented, it should give people an excuse to dive back in if they’ve been focusing on other games.

To be frank, with so many big titles moving out of April, it’s the perfect time to play Final Fantasy XIV again to fill some of that void.