Final Fantasy XIV's Behemoth won't hit Monster Hunter: World until August


I’m just glad it’s free

As part of a summer crossover event, Capcom is sending Rathalos to Final Fantasy XIV, and Square Enix is lending Behemoth to Monster Hunter: World. I’ve been anticipating this stuff since it was announced, but the timing has been somewhat nebulous so far. This week, Capcom provided a little more clarity.

As noted by producer Ryozo Tsujimoto on Monster Hunter Radio, we’ll be able to hunt Behemoth in Monster: Hunter World next month. With the original “summer” release window for the crossover, I think some of us were expecting the update to drop in July. Wishful thinking, maybe.

More than the Behemoth fight, I’m most looking forward to Cactuars running around in World.

[Via Gematsu]