Final Fantasy XIV's in-game cosplay/glamour system keeps getting better and better


Shadowbringers brought the frog outfits

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I’ve posted a few in-game cosplay/glamour appreciation roundups before, butFinal Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn really does continue to one-up itself with each update. As a result of the latest expansion, Shadowbringers, this Chrono TriggerFrog cosplay is now possible, as are a multitude of others from talented players with an eye for fashion.

Yes, a lot of people play this game to chill and make cool costumes! I know someone who once learned how to raid just to get a specific outfit.

Meowami Vice by JBoyd83

Donald Duck by Komodog

A cute group pose where a party is studying up on how to beat a boss byMyaki Amesetsuna

Fujin from Final Fantasy VIIIbyKittyCatOmaniac

Bonus: A gross Sonic the Hedgehog from ppyorpeem