Final Fantasy XV creators answer a heap of fan questions


Including the ages of the cast

AnActive Time Report for Final Fantasy XVhas revealed a number of new bits of information, some of which deals with stuff in and outside of the game.

For instance, the next episode of the anime will debut “around E3,” and although there will be difficulty settings, the challenge for XVis said to be manageable. We sort of already knew this before but the world is not a true “open” environment in that players need to progress more to unlock it (like every Final Fantasybasically), and there’s seven weapon categories, with subcategories beyond that.

The team also addressed the “downgraded” Platinum Demovisuals, noting to “look forward to E3.” Sadly, the car is faster than chocobos (I’m still holding out hope for a golden variant that can smoke vehicles), you can get a “game over” if you crash it while trying to land in its flight mode, and beyond 10 songs from past games on the radio there’s a lot more to listen to –though custom audio was too tricky for the developers to implement due to the legality of it.

Also, the ages of the characters have been revealed — Noctis is 20, Ignis is 22, Gladiolus is 23, and Prompto is 20. If you have no idea who the hell these people are, maybe watching the first episode of the anime is in order.

Final Fantasy XV [Dengeki Online via Gematsu]