Final Fantasy XV is first in the series with Spanish, Portuguese localization


Full German and French localization too

Two Brazilians I met last week joked about Portuguese being “a dead language,” but that’s not stopping Final Fantasy XV from doing what it can to win Latin American fans. Square Enix isn’t alone here. Namco Bandai has been pushing its weaboo properties hard in South America, the region from which waifu bartending hails. Not unlike France, the region is big on Japanese stuffs.

Director Hajime Tabata issued a statement thanking “all of our Final Fantasy fans in Latin America and Brazil for always supporting us” and reflecting on a trip to Mexico to promote Type-0 HD where, “through the Mexican media I could personally see the passion of the fans in Mexico and neighboring regions.”

To “compensate for the passionate fans in all of Latin America and Brazil,” Square Enix plans to “release a new version of the game with voice and text localization in Latin American Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese.” These join Japanese and English, of course, as well as French and German as having fully translated voice and text. Where the fuck is Italian, ya rats? My favorite part of The Division was playing it in Italian.

“We think the story and one of the most important elements of the Final Fantasy games,” Tabata said, “and would like players in Latin America and Brazil to be able to enjoy this story in their own language.”

I’m sure there will be a bunch of news from the Final Fantasy XV fan event in Los Angeles next week, too. Plus I get to hang out with Zack and play Resident Evil 4 on the projector in his backyard/forest. Who, Zack? Murder me? I’m sure you’re being unreasonable.