Final Fantasy XV might be out by summer 2016, next major update in January


Following this game is a part time job

It’s been a tough month, year, decade for core Final Fantasyentry fans. XIIIin most ways was a disappointment, XIV, while great, is still an MMO that many people aren’t going to buy into, and can you believe that it’s been nearly a decade since XII?

Based on the Duscaedemo I think we’re going to be in for a treat when XVdrops, and now Square Enix is saying that it might be ready for a summer 2016 target. Tagged by way of an online questionnaire that nonchalantly asks “would you prefer XVor Persona 5if they were both released at the same time,” it looks like Square is fishing for the best possible release date.

In other news, the next big update will arrive in January, with the “Active Time Report” update, so we’ll likely know more then. Until that time, more waiting!

Final Fantasy XV Active Time Report set for January 2016 [Gematsu]