Final Ultra Street Fighter IV character will be female


Retsu will not be the final addition

During yesterday’s Capcom Cup — Capcom’s fighting game tournament that dished out $20,000 in prizes this year — energetic Blanka-loving producer of all things Street Fighter,Yoshinori Ono, finally shed some light on just whom the fifth and final Ultra Street Fighter IV character is.

As he took to the stage before the nights final tournament, Ono began by dismissing many of thespeculatedadditionsto the Street Fighter IV roster. Hagar of Final Fight and Marvel vs. Capcom3 fame;Street Fighter Alpha 3’s R. Mika; and the rumored Street Fighteradversary, Retsu, were all eliminated from contention.

And while Ono was not able to reveal the final character for Ultra Street Fighter IV, what he was able to share was that the last character will be female — which heavily leads towards fan favorite Karin joining the cast.

So who do you think the final character will be, now that we know it’s female?

5th Ultra Street Fighter 4 character is female, says Ono – final fighter is not Retsu[Event Hubs]