Finally, a Sonic Runners trailer with all gameplay


It looks good if the microtransactions don’t ruin it

“It looks good if the microtransactions don’t ruin it.” Why do I get my hopes up for Sonicgames? Am I part of the dreaded “Sonic Cycle?” Sometimes. Every so often DIMPS or Sonic Team will crank out a good game like Generations, so I give them all a fair shake.

Sonic Runners is the newestentry in the series that looks like it might not be terrible but very well could be. Based on the gameplay it doesn’t look all that bad, but let’s see how the microtransaction scheme will permeate throughout. Based on this screenshot I took, it looks like there’s a “lives” section in the upper right-hand corner, which sure feels like “energy.”

Runners is set to release sometime this year on iOS and Android.