Fire Emblem Heroes celebrates its second anniversary with new content and freebies


Orbs galore

I go through a lot of mobile games on my phone, playing some for just a few hours while others keep me busy for days at a time, but no game has been able to capture my time and attention the wayFire Emblem Heroeshas. I know it’s a dumbed down version of the real thing, but I love it and I’m not alone. It’s grossed an estimated $400 million for Nintendo, easily making it the company’s most successful mobile title and it doesn’t look like that’ll change anytime soon.

To celebrate its success, as well as its second anniversary, Fire Emblem Heroesis rewarding players with a score of free goodies including guaranteed 5-star characters and plenty of orbs. There’s even a new mode on its way to the game with its next update. Last night, the Feh Channel aired a surprise stream detailing everything going on with the game as it enters its third year on the market. You can watch the video and suffer through Feh’s terribly childish voice or just read the summary I prepared below.

  • Daily summoning event starting February 1 through February 12
  • Guaranteed 5-star summon from February 1 through February 8
  • A second guaranteed 5-star summon from February 8 through February 15
  • 2nd-anniversary log-in bonus (22 orbs up for grabs)
  • Find & Vote Heroes event (February 3 through February 8) where you can vote for characters that’ll appear in a future, guaranteed 5-star summoning event
  • Change the home screen with the next update
  • Dragonflowers are being added to the game, increases stats for characters
  • Four types of Dragonflower,each corresponds to a different character movement type
  • Dragonflowers can be used up to five times per character
  • Infantry-type heroes released before February 2, 2019, can use Dragonflowers 10 times
  • Dragonflowers are obtained through Heroic Ordeals
  • Heroic Ordeals are maps made specifically for a certain character
  • These maps can only be played if you have the specific character on your team and that hero MUST defeat two enemies to count as a win
  • Dragonflowers are rewarded only once per map
  • Dragonflowers and Heroic Ordeals will be added in the next update
  • Aether Raids will see changes in the next season, which will occur after the next update
  • Raids will now use half the Aether
  • The maximum Aether required will be capped at 50
  • All battles will now require Aether, including the first of each day
  • Top AR Tier will be 27 (currently it’s 21)
  • Dragonflowers can be earned in Aether Raids
  • Merge Allies feature will now boost the stat that is the lowest for the character
  • Some characters will have three different stats boosted instead of just one when using Merge Allies

There is also a double XP/SP event, but the details of it weren’t revealed in the video. Either way, I welcome all of those new features to a game that has eaten up its share of my life over the past two years and I look forward to what’s to come.