Fire Emblem Heroes gets spoopy with Halloween content


Tricks and Treats

What with the spoopiest of season’s right around the corner, Nintendo has dropped a new trailer for mobile battler Fire Emblem Heroes, giving us an early look at some of the hero variants getting into the Halloween spirit.

The video features four characters in all, (well, four and a half, kinda). First up is Path of Radiance‘s Ilyana, followed by Awakening‘s L’Arachel, both of whom are classing it up in delightful new ensembles. They are then followed by The Sacred Stones‘ beserker Dozla, and finally The Blazing Blade‘s Hector, along with his daughter Lilina, both of whom are rocking cute fancy dress numbers. All of these warriors are loaded for bear with sweet treats, such as candy and lollipops. ‘Tis the season after all.

As per usual, the characters are accompanied by a new paralogue chapter, titled The Sweet Fiends. The Halloween content will be made available in-game from tomorrow, October 9 until November 10. Fire Emblem Heroes is available now on iOS and Android devices.