Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes heads back to Three Houses this June


School’s back in session

The Fire Emblem series is headed back to the musou format. Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is coming on June 24, 2022.

Three Hopes looks to be centered around Fire Emblem: Three Houses, from what we’ve seen so far. In the new trailer, all three heads of the three houses—Dimitri, Claude, and Edelgard—are present and fighting.

Fire Emblem has already had one Warriors entry in the past, though that was a crossover game with fighters from throughout the series’ history. From the trailer, this seems to be more centered on Three Houses, much like Age of Calamity centered on Breath of the Wild with its Zelda musou follow-up.

The most recent Fire Emblem hit back in 2019, with Fire Emblem: Three Houses. It set a series record for the best US launch in the series, and later got an added house through the Cindered Shadows DLC. It was a strong foot forward for the series moving back onto consoles, after several handheld entries in a row.

While it’s not a brand-new tactical Fire Emblem game, the cast of Three Houses was extremely memorable. It’s hard to pass up a reason to hang out with these goofy nerds again, and the Fire Emblem series should hopefully be good fodder for another Warriors game.

Fire Emblem Warriors: Three Hopes is coming to Nintendo Switch on June 24, 2022.